The Challenges Contracts team help deliver national business support programmes and supports the development of strong public institutions and civil society, so helping create the best environment for businesses and economies to grow and for social progress.

We are currently delivering three business consultancy programmes in Malawi, Sri Lanka and Botswana which are funded by the Scottish Government.

Malawi’s Capacity Building for Enterprise (CBE) provides direct consultancy services to MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) in Malawi. It also delivers mentoring and training programmes for indigenous local consultants to increase Malawi’s business expertise and pool of professional consultants.

Sri Lanka Enterprise Development (SLED) provides a similar programme in Sri Lanka with a particular focus on business in remote rural areas. Both programmes are funded by the Scottish Government.

We have just started working with Botswana’s national enterprise agency, Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), to support its aim of strengthening the country’s SME sector, concentrating on the agricultural sector.
We recruit UK consultants, with expertise in business development and support, to work for between three to six months in each country, where they lead consulting engagements as well as train and guide local apprentice consultants.

The UK management consultants work on a pro-bono basis. Challenges Worldwide provides return flights, insurance, in-country accommodation and transport as well as a daily stipend for meals and subsistence.

If you are interested in working with us, contact Ruth McNeil at .

Challenges Contracts also brokers a Capacity Building for Justice in Malawi programme. This harnesses the expertise of the Scottish legal sector to help strengthen the capacity of the justice system in Malawi. This programme is also funded by the Scottish Government.




Partnership projects

The Contracts team also facilitates partnerships with various educational, health and social institutions.

We work with several NHS Trusts and the Royal College of Psychiatrists to deliver a training programme in Ghana.  UK specialist Registrar psychiatrists take three months out of their own training programme to teach medical assistants and nurses in Ghana and help develop local training delivery.

We provide skilled, professional volunteers for the Church of Scotland and Dentaid’s international partners, which range from women’s centres to dental clinics.

We provide international internships for Masters students from the Universities of Denver and Strathclyde. This benefits both the students, and the host businesses who get free, authoritative business advice.

A new collaboration with Dundee University, Responsible Electives, matches UK medical students with hospitals and clinics in the low-income countries for three-month practical assignments. Again, this benefits both the medical students and the host organisations.

For more information on these partnership projects, contact Rebecca at: