[faq question=”1. How is Challenges Worldwide different from other organisations?“]

Challenges Worldwide facilitates the development of businesses and social enterprises in low and middle-income countries. These businesses are the driving force for economic growth and social progress, but there is little business training in these countries and most businesses and social enterprise cannot afford professional advice.

Challenges Worldwide recruits professional volunteers from the public, private and voluntary sectors to work on short placements of one to six months to help strengthen businesses and organisations.

There are two level of volunteers: Executive and Director.

Executive volunteers provide professional services by completing a specific project, while passing on skills or offering organisational development skills.

Director volunteers provide strategic planning and leadership.

Each volunteer undertakes a specific piece of consultancy work, agreed at the start of the assignment and is offered support throughout.

The expert volunteer enjoys a professional and cultural experience that enhances his or her personal and professional development. And as Challenges Worldwide is a CMI approved centre, there is an opportunity to gain an CMCE or Chartered Manager qualification.


[faq question=”2. Do I need special skills or previous work experience?“]

You will need experience in the relevant sector, and where appropriate, a professional qualification. The Challenges Worldwide Applications team makes sure that each volunteer is matched to the assignment that best suits his or her experience and skills. Have a look at out current assignments.


[faq question=”3. What if I can’t see an assignment that is right for me?“]

Please get in touch. Challenges Worldwide has new opportunities coming in all the time through its network of development partners and in-country managers.

The Applications team, lead by Alex Robertson, will do its best to find an assignment to suit each applicant. Call the team on 0845 2000 342 or +44 (0) 131 225 9549 or email Alex here.


[faq question=”4. How far in advance should I apply?“]

There is no specific timetable. Challenges Worldwide recommend that there is at least three months between your first contact with the Applications Team and departure; this allows the team to find the right assignment and for you to get organised.

However, where necessary, volunteers can go an assignment with less than three months notice.


[faq question=”5. Is there a closing date for applications?“]

No. Challenges Worldwide recruit continuously, but if there is a particular assignment that is of interest to you, the team recommend you apply early to avoid disappointment.

The best way to find out what we have for you is to get in touch with the Applications team now.


[faq question=”6. Is there an age limit for volunteers?“]

We can work with volunteers aged 20 to 64 years. We will place people aged 65 years and older, however they have to arrange their own travel and health insurance


[faq question=”7. What support will I have while on an assignment?“]

There is an assignment leader for each volunteer. This will be someone based in the host business or organisation, usually a local person, who can offer advice and support on work, practical and cultural matters.

Challenges Worldwide also has a network of contacts in each of the countries in which it operates.

There is a dedicated 24-hour telephone line for volunteers and a member of the Applications team will stay in email contact throughout the assignment.


[faq question=”8. Where will I live?“]

Challenges Worldwide offer volunteers the freedom to choose the most suitable accommodation for their needs. The Applications team will work with volunteers to find the most suitable accommodation, which can range from staying with a local family to an apartment.


[faq question=”9. Will I be on my own or in a group?“]

Each assignment is designed for an individual, but there may be other Challenges Worldwide volunteers in the same organisation, or the same location, doing a different piece of work.

Family and friends are able to visit or accompany volunteers and the Applications team will work with you to find appropriate accommodation for them.


[faq question=”10. Can I volunteer with my partner?“]

Yes. The Applications Team will match your partner’s skills to an organisation in its member network. You will certainly be living in the same place, but you may end up working for different organisations.


[faq question=”11. Will I be met at the airport? “]

Yes, wherever possible. If you decide to travel before taking up your assignment the Applications team will make arrangements for you to join your organisation on the due date.


[faq question=”12. Can I go travelling before or after my assignment?“]

Of course, in fact Challenges Worldwide actively encourages its volunteers to experience their host country. If you do travel independently, you will need to make your travel insurance arrangements for that period.


[faq question=”13. What are the costs involved?“]

To support the work of Challenges Worldwide Executive volunteers contribute towards the cost of participating in an assignment.

The cost is £1000. In addition to this contribution, an Executive volunteer may be responsible for additional expenses such as flights, accommodation, inoculation costs, insurance.

See here for more information about the assignment contribution.

Director volunteers do not contribute to the cost of their assignment, all costs are met by the host organisation or development partner.