Assignment Contribution

How much will this cost? Our business coaching programme is at the heart of Challenges Worldwide’s support for business development in low and middle-income countries. We keep the cost of our Executive assignments as low as possible so that our volunteers can afford to use their skills and experience to make an impact. We charge a flat fee of £1000*. This contribution includes: A personal advisor to find the right role for each volunteer Pre-departure handbooks 24 hour, 7 days a week personal and professional support for each volunteer while overseas Access to our alumni network of volunteers Join us on: Follow ChallengesWW on Twitter Find ChallengesWW on Facebook Bookmark and Share The assignment contribution also helps support our other work, from training our network of in-house country managers to developing new investment models. Volunteers meet the cost of their travel, accommodation and living costs and our personal advisors help find the most cost-effective package for each volunteer. We can sometimes offer “part-funded” assignments , where the cost of travel, or accommodation is met by a third party. However we cannot guarantee this type of support will be available. *Challenges Worldwide reserves the right to adjust an individual contribution, based on any extra services provided.