How we work

How we work

Challenges Worldwide has built up a large portfolio of high-potential businesses and social enterprises, working with investment funds, development agencies and philanthropic foundations.

We match each organisation with an expert volunteer from our pool of UK professionals and business leaders, drawn from across the public and private sectors.

The expert volunteer works with the organisation for up to six months, helping strengthen its operation by carrying out an essential assignment such as developing and implementing a new financial operating model, as well as sharing professional skills and experience.

Everyone benefits. The organisation gets access to a professional resource that is either not available locally or is too expensive. As it grows stronger, it can contribute more effectively to its country’s economic growth and development.

The expert volunteer enjoys a professional and cultural experience that enhances his or her professional and personal development, which in turn improves their employers’ business.

To find out how you can contribute to the development of a business in a low-income country apply now. One of our professional advisers will contact you straightaway.

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