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Challenges is a not-for-profit organisation with a 3,500 strong professional network of business experts, currently delivering direct growth support to around 100 companies a year across 35 countries.

We also support companies to become investor ready and match them to appropriate impact investors. Our goal is to deliver maximum value for the least possible cost.

We always work directly local partners to support companies, whether that is an international NGO or an investment fund.

We always invest human capital in a company – our expert volunteers and consultants will make sure that the business is ready for investment, with no or little cost to either the business or the investor.

Our team of investment professionals, with a cumulative 150 years experience, is always in the background. When we say “investment ready”, we mean it.

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It is the private sector that creates the jobs, goods and services that the world’s poorest people so desperately need to lift themselves out of poverty.

Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development